The world is shifting at an incredible
pace of technology, is your kid ready to skill up?

Enter the journey towards crafting your digital coding skills

Math-n-Coding Bootcamp - 2021
for School Students

Why coding is important skill?

Coding is the most important skill for future jobs and creative thinkers. As more businesses and industries incorporate digital technology into their operations, a basic understanding of computer programming as a minimum requirement is becoming more important.

The students of this generation are considered technological learners and they know technology better than most adults.

Practical coding skills can help students learn, create, build, bring more relevance to any subject and keep the young mind engaged.

If you’re really interested in coding or want to add more tech knowledge to your bucket list then let’s begin to learn.

Math-n-Coding Bootcamp 1

Build Skills That Deliver Results

Hands-on Coding

Learn in-demand skills with proven methods, process and best practices. Apply them to your learning projects immediately. Learning should be fun

Agile Learning Methodology

You can make mistakes before they matter. Interactive sessions give you the opportunity to practice applying skills to real-world scenarios

Skill IQ Assessments

Identify your skill gaps and strengths with our skill assessments. Your results will tell you where to start within a learning path


Learn with experts where technology team build and execute skills everyday. Try new stuff, so you can make mistakes before they matter

Math-n-Coding Improves 5 Key Skills

1. Mathematical thinking

2. Logical thinking

3. Analytical thinking

4. Design thinking

5. Computational thinking

Choose Your Category

A complete bootcamp program is designed with the technique that emphasizes on basic coding concepts, principles and real time scenarios.

Start Learning, Start Succeeding!

Level 1

Introduction to Coding

8 Sessions



₹ 5,500/- only

*Limited spots available

Level 2

Introduction to Web Development

12 Sessions



₹ 10,500/- only

*Limited spots available

Level 3

Introduction to Project Development

15 Sessions



₹ 12,500/- only

*Limited spots available


School students from age 8 – 20 years only


No prior programming knowledge or experience is necessary to take this coding bootcamp course online.

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#OpenWeStand For Reform Digital Literacy Movement

During these tough times, we’re doing everything we can help to tech-savvy students, schools and educational institutes adapt.

*Learn to apply coding skills to your favorite subject(s).

*Flat 50% discount for schools and educational institutes from rural areas.

Become a Campus Expert!

I was looking out for a blended technology course for my daughter that included self and recreational learning online. Coding bootcamp was perfect course. Really knowledgeable and highly recommended for everyone!
Math-n-Coding Bootcamp 2
Elisha Lakhani
This coding bootcamp is my second online bootcamp but it's definitely stands on the 1st place for me. They are really industry experts who do real stuff and help me to think and code logically. Its real, perfect, no other words!
Math-n-Coding Bootcamp 3
Amit Kumar
My daughter joined the course without any prior coding knowledge, just a genuine interest and desire to learn. Everyone there is so supportive, and genuinely wants you to succeed. #Happy Learning & Exploring!
Math-n-Coding Bootcamp 4
Pooja Patil

Coding Bootcamp FAQs

We’re living information technology world and it’s essential for everyone. Digital literacy helps technology creation not just tech consumption.
It improves logical, design, computational and abstract thinking. Also, students are engaged because coding unleashes imagination.
We explore and discover logic, sequence, algorithms, and real world math and science techniques. Plus AI, ML and cyber safety technique in some courses.
For beginners is targeted to students in 8 – 20 years old. No previous coding knowledge is required.
Coding and mathematics are very closely linked and kids may hone their mathematical capabilities. They will learn how to structure their problems in an organized way and can be easily applied to the other subjects.

Approx. 1 Month (*with flexible timing).

We help students, teachers, and schools access the technology enabled education they need to shape the next generation.

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