Math-n-Coding Tech Competition (MCTC) -2021

Math and coding are deeply related. Once the mind of a student develops an understanding of mental mathematics, he/she begins to think systematically and more creatively. Coding is today’s language of creativity because it teaches you how to think!

Decision making in programming is similar to decision making in real life. Mathematics is a fundamental scholarly tool in computing.

Instead of starting with the coding topic, think about starting with a problem your kids want to solve and brainstorming on how you can use coding (and mathematics) as a tool to solve that problem (or part of the problem).

We choose basic fundamental topics for this competition like general math, quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning and fundamentals of programming etc.
Most of the topics are from your regular syllabus, so you don’t need to do separate preparation for this exam and that is the beauty of this competition…

Registrations are closed!

Organised by FAB SOFTWARE STOCK (India)


Competition Schedule

Reg. Start Date

01 JUL 2021

Reg. End Date

31 DEC 2021

Online Exam Date

08 JAN 2022

Final Result Date

23 JAN 2022 (Revised)

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